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Exclusive KVAR Unit Providers

When you want a top of the line surge protector that will lower your bills, look no further than Brightview Electrical Co., Inc. of Severn, MD. We're the only provider in the area for KVAR!

  • Reduced peak electric bills

  • Lightning surge protector

  • Recycles unused electricity

  • Increases panel capacity

  • Panels run cooler

  • Increases life of motors

Unmatched Electrical Protection

You should feel secure and confident in the safety and success of your electrical installations.


That's why you can get a 2-year warranty on all labor for installing your new KVAR unit. The KVAR unit has a 12-year residential warranty and a 5-year commercial warranty so you're sure to fall in love with it from the start.

2-Year Labor Warranty

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Trust in technicians who are licensed and insured for your protection and safety!