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Unparalleled Electrical Repair

When you need your electric redone, from frayed wires to complete overhauls, you need Brightview Electrical Co., Inc. of Severn, MD.

  • Bucket trucks

  • Machine work

  • Controls

  • Work from diagrams

  • Wire repair

  • Rewiring

Excellent Electrical Work

Whatever issues arise with your electrical repairs, feel confident knowing that with 47 years of experience under our belt, we can figure out just about anything.


Let us diagnose the problem with your electric quickly and effectively for you, so we can get to the repairs and have the solution completed sooner.

Expert Troubleshooting

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expert troubleshooting

"They have been a lifesaver this last 24 hours helping me... It's a house I'm house sitting for and they are working with us and keeping me informed by phone since I'm not physically there."

- J. Marshall on Facebook